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Xeoma for Mac OS X download

Xeoma for Mac OS X

Version: 21.8.10 | Size: 45.30 MB | Filename: xeoma_mac64.dmg
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Developer's description:

Flexible control and simple settings let you appreciate all advantages of this video surveillance program. With Xeoma Video Surveillance Software you can build a chain of modules as sophisticated or simple as it is required to efficiently address your goals. Form and configuration of your chain of modules will only depend on your imagination.

Like a children's construction set, Xeoma is tinker-toy-easy to build, manage, adjust to your goals or change using quick scheme change option with the help of visual editor. Three operating modes make Xeoma suitable for solving various tasks.

Xeoma is a video surveillance system that provides you with a user-friendly interface. It supports any web and IP cameras as well as Internet cameras.

Handy archive works in a cycle mode (old recordings are gradually deleted). You can use built-in player to view the archived video with sound. Remote access allows you to control the system online.

The built-in motion detector enables you to set up video-security system to protect your home or office. If you want to monitor during daylight hours only, use the day detector. Xeoma is touch-screen compatible. This allows you to operate the program with just a finger.

No mouse or keyboard is required. Program doesn't require installation and admin privileges. It can start working immediately after downloading. The initial program settings take only several seconds.

Typical applications include video monitoring of your home and business, keeping an eye on your child playing or sleeping, controlling your personnel activity, having an eye on your car and other valuables, using as a perimeter security system, watching your babysitter, ghost hunting and more.

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45.30 MB

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Mac OS X

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Last versions of Xeoma for Mac OS X
Version Change log
Xeoma for Mac OS X 21.8.10 Aug 10, 2021
Xeoma for Mac OS X 21.6.4 Jun 16, 2021
Xeoma for Mac OS X 21.4.2 Apr 27, 2021 Face recognition: improved algorithms of the intellectual module “Face recognition” to allow better recognition when training is conducted with faces at a maximum range (distance).
FTP Receiver: improved module’s operation with Dahua cameras. We fixed the issue with low FPS when working with the Dahua cameras through FTP.
Marking: added integration of the “Marking” module to work with the Ublox neo-7m GPS module. Now you can receive coordinates in Xeoma from this GPS module.
Local license server: added support for rented licenses and demo/trial licenses. Now you can activate these licenses using the ‘local license server’ activation option.
PTZ control: added a new icon in the PTZ control menu to use additional features that a camera provides through ONVIF. These can be turning on/off IR-illumination of the camera or a camera wiper, etc. The new icon can be found in the PTZ control menu available in the Single Camera View window.
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