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Royal TSX

Version: 4.3.6 | Size: 25.40 MB | Filename: royaltsx_4.3.6.1000.dmg
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Developer's description:

This is the first stable release! It marks the end of the public beta phase. If you're currently using Royal TSX with the beta license key and are exceeding the shareware limitations, please obtain a license key from our website before updating! The beta license will no longer work from now on!

Royal TSX allows you to organize and manage multiple remote desktop connections. Connect to any machine where terminal services are enabled. Organize connections in custom categories for quick access. Connect directly to the console session and find out who else is connected to the machine.

Session Information
Display all current active, connected and disconnected sessions, including the username which is logged on and the client host name. (If the user account which Royal TS is running with doesn't have the right to read out the remote user sessions, you will be asked to provide valid credentials.)

Connect to Console
Connect to the interactive console session. Even if you haven't configured your connection to do so, you can now easily connect to the console via the context menu when you right-click a connection. (This feature is only available if the remote server is either Windows 2003 (any Edition) or Windows XP with remote desktop connection enabled. Windows 2000 doesn't support this feature!)

RDP Port
Change the target RDP port. Sometimes it's necessary to change the default port (3389) to another one. For security reason or if another service needs to use this port. KB187623 describes how to change the listening port on the remote machine.

Automatic Logon
- Specify logon credentials individually for each connection. With autologon enabled you just have to double click on the connection and you're already logged in. The password will be encrypted and stored in the .rts-file.
- Organize multiple connections in different categories.
- Change the sort order of categories and connections (Using the keyboard shortcuts speeds things up!).
- Change the category a connection belongs to.
- Define default values for new connections using the options dialog.
- Specify an autostart document which will load right after starting up Royal TS.
- Start a connection from command line: /connect:"Connection Name"
- Two modes for each connection available: embedded in Royal TS or opening another window.
- Smart Size Mode: Get rid of scrollbars if you resize the main window. The remote desktop content will be scaled.

Our products can be downloaded, installed and used for free without any time limit, license key or registration.

This allows you to get started quickly and if you only have a small environment you can continue using our products free of charge in 'Shareware Mode'.

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Version Change log
Royal TSX 4.3.6 Mar 9, 2021
Royal TSX 4.3 Oct 9, 2019
Royal TSX 1.0 Jul 16, 2013 Bugfixes

Removed several included frameworks that were not required anymore
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