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REplay PLAYer

Version: 6.0 | Size: 21.50 MB | Filename: REplayPLAYer_6.0.zip
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Developer's description:

REplay PLAYer is a computer program based on the paradigms of granular synthesis. The program de-constructs a given sound file and re-composes it by using realtime composition algorithms - a field of research that has been investigated by Karlheinz Essl since the mid 1980ies. With this project, the author is following once again his vision of a music "that is composed, as if from itself (auto-poetic), at the moment of its sounding."

REplay PLAYer can be used as a tool to generate an infinite and every-changing sonic stream from a single sound file for artistical, compositional or mere recreational purposes. It can also be regarded as a computer based instrument for live performances, as an interactive sound installation or a generator for ambient music.

REplay PLAYer is released as shareware. Please register your copy to ensure the further development of this program. You can purchase a registration code for € 25.00 by sending an e-mail request to email. Only registered users can use the program without any restrictions: if not registered, REplay PLAYer will quit after 5 minutes.

What the REplay PLAYer does
REplay PLAYer loads an entire sound file in the computer's RAM from which it cuts out particles of varying length from different positions of the file. The length of the particles is determined by the "granularity" parameters which can be changed in the grey square field. Then the program will overlap these particles according to the density parameter which can also be changed there. The position on the sound file from which the grains are taken is determined by a separate algorithm which various modes you can control in manyfold ways. Furthermore, those grains can also be transposed either by transposition algorithms or manually. As a registered user, you can also store your creations directly to disk, you can access the advanced control features and use the built-in effects and VST or AU plugins. Furthermore, you can control many of the system parameters by MIDI.

MIDI control
With a MIDI controller attached to your computer, you can use it to control many of the REplay PLAYer system parameters. By this, you can literally turn this program into an instrument! Please take care that the MIDI controller sends on controller number 7.
Here is a list of the available MIDI controls:

chn #1: granularity
chn #2: density
chn #3: glissando
chn #4: mininum pitch
chn #5: maximum pitch
chn #6: crossfade between original and shreddered sound
chn #7: volume range
chn #8: mix into VST 1
chn #9: mix into VST 2
chn #10: mix into VST 1
chn #11: EQ lo
chn #12: EQ mid
chn #13: EQ hi
chn #14: panning

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Mac OS X

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Version Change log
REplay PLAYer 6.0 Apr 19, 2020 64 bit
improved audio engine
now runs with macOS 10.15 (Catalina)
improved manual control of the granulation process
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