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QuickBuild for Mac OS X download

QuickBuild for Mac OS X

Version: 13.0.6 | Size: 239.00 MB
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Developer's description:

Customizable user dashbaords. Grid resource management. Grid partition between projects. Metrics aggregation in configuration tree. User activities auditing. CollabNet TeamForge integration. Google Repo integration. Redmine integration. Boost test report rendering. RESTful APIs to access changes, issues and various reports. Plugin API for integrating additional reports and issue tracking systems. Improved reports for changes, issues, unit tests, code coverage and inspection.

In case there are many configurations set up in QuickBuild, it is very convenient for users to create their own dashboards to organize noteworthy configurations in a single page along with interesting build information. Gadgets for all kind of build information are available for dashboard composition, including configuration subtree, artifacts, changes, issues, and various kind of reports and statistics. Dashboards can be shared with other groups to create group dashboard, and can be shared with anonymous group to create public dashboards.

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239.00 MB

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Mac OS X

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Version Change log
QuickBuild for Mac OS X 13.0.6 Feb 2, 2023
QuickBuild for Mac OS X 13.0.5 Jan 27, 2023
QuickBuild for Mac OS X 13.0.3 Jan 24, 2023
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