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Quick 'n Easy Web Builder for Mac OS X download

Quick 'n Easy Web Builder for Mac OS X

Version: 8.1.1 | Size: 137.00 MB | Filename: qnewb8_mac.dmg
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Developer's description:

Quick 'n Easy Web Builder is a comprehensive and lightweight software that provides users with a simple means of creating, editing and personalizing websites.

The aforementioned application is worth having when you need to create complete and customized websites. By using the WYSIWYG algorithm helps you to display all the elements in the exact position as in the designer.

No HTML web design knowledge required, build W3C compliant web sites as easy as Drag & Drop! This is not an HTML editor but a visual web site generator with HTML4, XHTML and HTML5 output! "One Click Publishing" No FTP program needed. Easily create forms using the built-in Form Wizard. Advanced graphics tools like shapes, rotation, shadows and many other Image effects. Google compatible sitemap generator.

Many navigation tools available: Navigation bars, tab menus, dropdown menus and slidemenus. PayPal eCommerce Tools. Template support. Already more than 100 free templates available. News Feed Ticker. Display RSS feeds (local or from another website), Twitter, Flickr images etc. Built-in Slide Shows, Photo Galleries, Rollover images, Banners etc. Support for YouTube, Flash Video, HTML 5 Audio/Video and many other video formats. Unique extension (add-on) system with lots of extensions to make Web Builder even more powerful.

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137.00 MB

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Mac OS X

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Last versions of Quick 'n Easy Web Builder for Mac OS X
Version Change log
Quick 'n Easy Web Builder for Mac OS X 8.1.1 Mar 5, 2021 Improved: Added support for (fixed) footers in master pages.
Improved: Make sure that Material Icons are in the correct folder.
Fixed: Issue with Panel Menu background and breakpoints.
Fixed: Missing styles in Single Page Protect
Quick 'n Easy Web Builder for Mac OS X 8.1.0 Jan 15, 2021 New:
Fixed: Issue with 'Indicate current page' in Responsive Menu.
Fixed: Responsive Menu icon size resets when cloning a page.
Improved: Upgraded to PHP Mailer version 6.2.0. More details: https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer/ ... angelog.md
Improved: Upgraded to plyr 3.6.3 (for use with YouTube, HTML audio/video and Vimeo)
New feature: Added 'Accent color' property for Plyr in YouTube, Vimeo and HTML5 Audio/Video. The accent color specifies the primary UI color of the player.
New feature: Add 'full width' property to Rollover Text for use with Layout Grids.
New feature: Added the ability to add events to cards.
New feature: Added support for 'scrollspy' to Overlay Menu.
New feature: Added support for 'highlight current page' to Overlay Menu.
New feature: Added 'stretched link' option to cards. If this option is enabled then the full card will be clickable when a link is used in one of the items (for example a linked button).
New feature: Added 'border-width' property to Mega Menu.
Quick 'n Easy Web Builder for Mac OS X 7.2.2 Mar 24, 2020 Fixed: Issue with links in Themeable Button.
Fixed: Issue with textarea height with bootstrap validation.
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