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Navicat Lite for Oracle (Mac OS X) download

Navicat Lite for Oracle (Mac OS X)

Version: 15.0.26 | Size: 119.00 MB | Filename: navicat150_ora_en.dmg
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Developer's description:

Navicat for Oracle offers powerful visual tools such as Query Editor with syntax highlight capability, SQL Preview, SQL Console, TEXT, Hex and BLOB viewer/editor, SSH Tunnel and more, to increase your productivity. Also, it provides a number of tools allowing to perform all the necessary database operations such as creating, editing, and duplicating database objects. It also offers a well-described wizard system that simplifies your database development tasks.

Navicat for Oracle full version includes more powerful features such as Data/Structure Synchronization, Import/Export, Backup, Report, task scheduling, code completion, etc. Together with comprehensive and instant support services, Navicat Oracle makes database and application development faster and easier while simplifying day-to-day administration tasks.

Navicat for Oracle can connect to any Oracle Database version 9i and later. Moreover, the versions for PosgreSQL and MySQL are also available.


Native Connection Options:
· Navicat Oracle offers three connection modes to the Oracle server: connection through the Oracle Call Interface (OCI) in Basic mode, alias entry from a tnsnames.ora file in TNS mode and direct connection over TCP/IP in Direct mode.

Support of SSH Tunnel:
· Establish a secure SSH session through SSH Tunneling in Navicat. Enjoy a strong authentication and secure encrypted communications between two hosts.

Export Registry Record(.reg) via Navicat Oracle:
· You can easily transfer your connection settings while migrating Navicat from one computer to another new machine.

Create, edit and drop table's fields, indexes, foreign keys, uniques, checks, triggers and privileges:
· With Table Designer - the basic Navicat Oracle tool for working with tables, you can create, edit and drop table's fields, indexes, foreign keys, checks, triggers, privileges and much more.

Support of tablespace, package, sequence, synonym, trigger, type and more:
· Navicat allows you to create, edit and drop directories, tablespaces, publice database links, public synonyms, database links, indexes, materialized views, materialized view logs, packages, sequences, synonyms, triggesr and types.

SQL Preview:
· The SQL Preview area shows you SQL representation of the oracle objects you are creating. This ability allows you to preview SQL before execution.

Dump object definition as sql file:
· Backup object definition and data with ease by dumping as sql file.

Print Schema / Table Structure:
· Present the schema / table definition by printing their structures in Navicat.

Import data from ODBC:
· You can import data from ODBC after setting up a data source connection. All available tables will be included if connection success. Just simply choose the tables you wish to import or specify a query using Add Query button.

Import data from up to 11 most popular formats including MS Access, MS Excel, XML, HTML, TXT and CVS:
· Import Wizard allows you to import data into a table from diverse format. On top of that, you can save your settings as an import profile for setting schedule.

Export Data to different file formats: TXT, CSV, DBF and XML:
· Likewise, Export Wizard allows you to export data into various format. Save your settings as an export profile for setting schedule.

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File size:
119.00 MB

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Mac OS X

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Last versions of Navicat Lite for Oracle (Mac OS X)
Version Change log
Navicat Lite for Oracle (Mac OS X) 15.0.26 Jul 28, 2021
Navicat Lite for Oracle (Mac OS X) 15.0.25 Apr 27, 2021 Empty rows were added when exporting more than 1.05 M records to Excel file.
Error occurred when using Recordset Generator to generate a record set for the Date field.
Hanged when designing a table with many fields.
Relation lines were disappeared after saving and reopening Logical Model.
Minor bug fixes and improvements.
Navicat Lite for Oracle (Mac OS X) 15.0.23 Mar 15, 2021 Functions were not properly saved as the default value in MariaDB.
ER diagram was reloaded when clicking the Design Table button.
Unable to toggle "Virtual Type" in an existing table.
Error 1227 occurred when creating or designing a table.
Minor bug fixes and improvements.
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