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MultiBeast for Mac OS X download

MultiBeast for Mac OS X

Version: 12.3.0 | Size: 35.60 MB
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Developer's description:

Multibeast can help you install the drivers needed by your computer to run macOS or the kernel extensions as they are called on the macOS platform.

Particularly, you can install the drivers for your audio, graphics, network, or storage one by one, choosing the ones compatible with your hardware configuration for each category of devices, via the left side panel, on the Drivers tab.

One such tool is MultiBeast, a free and streamlined application that makes it both easy and fast to make sure that an macOS installation runs properly on a machine you built on your own, with the only condition that the hardware components match the ones Apple uses to build its Macs or can run using the drivers created by Apple for its own hardware platform. The next step towards a working hackintosh machine is the Customize tab, where you can tweak the boot options and choose a theme to go with the bootloader you've picked during the previous step. Moreover, this tab will also enable you to select the Mac model you want for your computer.

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35.60 MB

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Last versions of MultiBeast for Mac OS X
Version Change log
MultiBeast for Mac OS X 12.3.0 Jun 10, 2020 Internal Changes:
Updated Clover to Clover 5.0 r5119​
Updated Drivers -> Audio -> AppleALC to Lilu v1.4.5 and AppleALC v1.5.0​
Updated Drivers -> Misc -> VirtualSMC to Lilu v1.4.5 and VirtualSMC v1.1.4​
Updated Drivers -> Misc -> VirtualSMC Plugins to VirtualSMC Plugins v1.1.4​
Updated Customize -> Graphics Configuration -> Core Graphics Fixup AKA WhateverGreen to Lilu v1.4.5 and WhateverGreen v1.4.0​
MultiBeast for Mac OS X 12.1.0 Mar 26, 2020 Internal Changes:
Updated Clover to Clover 5.0 r5107​
MultiBeast for Mac OS X 12.0.0 Mar 25, 2020 Visible Changes:
Replaced FakeSMC with VirtualSMC for Quick Start choices​
Removed 100 / 200 / 300 Series Audio Support (HDAS > HDEF)​
Removed Drivers -> Audio -> X299 Series Audio Support (CAVS > HDEF)​
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