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MediaInfo for Mac OS X download

MediaInfo for Mac OS X

Version: 23.09 | Size: 9.00 MB | Filename: MediaInfo_GUI_23.09_Mac.dmg
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Top Download Club is thrilled to present its latest software review, MediaInfo for Mac OS X. Developed by MediaArea, this software is a must-have for all media enthusiasts. With its user-friendly interface, MediaInfo provides detailed information about file formats and codecs used to make audio and video files. It is a great tool for those who want to get more information about their media files.

MediaInfo is easy to use, just drag and drop your files and let the software do the rest. It will quickly scan the file and display its detailed information such as bit rate, codec, and resolution. The software provides the perfect solution for managing media files and allows you to compare different files easily. It is great for professionals and beginners alike, especially those who deal with large multimedia projects.

One of the exceptional things about the software is that it can analyze a wide range of file formats, ranging from audio files like MP3 and WAV, to video files like MP4, AVI, and many others. It is compatible with a variety of operating systems and devices, including Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, and iOS.

Overall, MediaInfo for Mac OS X is a reliable and practical software solution for anyone who wants to know more about their media files. It guarantees an easy and effective solution for getting essential data about audio and video files. At Top Download Club, we are delighted to recommend this software to anyone seeking the best quality of multimedia management and performance.

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What do you think about MediaInfo for Mac OS X?
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MediaInfo for Mac OS XVideo ToolsMac OS X

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Mac OS X

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Last versions of MediaInfo for Mac OS X
Version Change log
MediaInfo for Mac OS X 23.09 Sep 14, 2023 + DTS-UHD support (contribution from Xperi)
+ MPEG-7 output update, supporting collections for DVD Video
+ ISO 9660: more metadata
+ AVC: read out of time code
x DVD Video: better support of ISO having several episodes
x MPEG Video: fix duration not including last field duration (interlaced content only)
x I754, AVC&HEVC: fix risk of crash with some streams
MediaInfo for Mac OS X 23.07 Jul 12, 2023 + USAC conformance checker: update DRC presence check
+ USAC conformance checker: sbgp presence check
+ USAC conformance checker: difference between extra zero bytes and other extra bytes
+ ISO 9660: support of DVD video, with option for listing all contents
+ MPEG-7: support of collections (beta)
+ More Blackmagic RAW meta kinds
+ DTS-HD: DTSHDHDR header support (used for raw DTS-HD files)
x ADIF: fix wrong detection of lot of files as ADIF (Android and MediaInfoOnline)
x USAC conformance checker: fix arith context handling in some corner cases
x ADM: some tweaks about FFoA/Start/End time codes
x Remove curl default ca info message in stdout
MediaInfo for Mac OS X 23.06 Jun 28, 2023 + USAC/xHE-AAC conformance checker
+ S-ADM: support of SMPTE ST 2127-1 / SMPTE ST 2109 / SMPTE ST 2127-10 (S-ADM in MGA in MXF)
+ S-ADM: add S-ADM version and support of 1/1.001 frame rates
+ ADM: show FFoA/Start/End as timestamp and timecode
+ MPEG-7 output update with more extensions
+ MPEG-TS: support of JPEG XS
+ DTS-UHD: support of DTS-UHD (a.k.a. DTS-X P2) in MP4
+ MP4: detection of VVC
+ MP4: support of media characteristicd (spoken dialog, translation, easy to read...)
+ MP4: support of more Blackmagic RAW Codec IDs
+ MP4: support of ipcm CodecID
+ MP4: support of service kind
+ HEVC: support of SMPTE ST 2094-10
+ HDR: display of all formats if more than 1 format is detected
+ Matroska: support of SMPTE ST 12 in block additions
+ HEVC: time code SEI readout
+ AVC & HEVC: active format description readout
+ MPEG-TS: support of SMPTE ST 2038 (ancillary data)
x ADM/Dolby: fix wrong FFoA with 1.001 frame rates
+ MOV/MP4: more info with tracks having unknown type
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