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HALion for Mac OS X download

HALion for Mac OS X

Version: 6.4 | Size: 951.50 MB | Filename: HALion_6.4_Application_Installer_mac.dmg
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Developer's description:

HALion is a VST sampler designed by Steinberg that comes with professional sampling and sound design instruments. Musicians and producers all over the world can take advantage of a large sounds library (2500 instruments and presets) that can be filtered by numerous modules, and other audio creation tools. HALion integrates time stretching and pitch shifting capabilities, can deal with complex tonal phrases, and can juggle with different styles.

HALion is the most comprehensive virtual sampling and sound design system available today and excels the present creative process for producers and sound designers in all areas.

It covers the complete creative workflow from recording and sample editing to programming advanced synthesis and modulation setups. With HALion, create customized user interfaces and export ready-to-release instrument libraries with every step streamlined to the greatest extent.

The powerful set of oscillators for seamless sample playback as well as the next-generation synthesis make HALion a versatile creative tool in simply every situation. Its broad library includes thousands of high-class and deep-sampled instruments and cutting-edge synthesizer sounds for all kinds of musical genres.

Key Features:

State-of-the-art sampler and sound creation system tailored to the demands of professionals
Advanced library creation tools including Macro Page Designer, drag-and-drop Library Creator and HALion scripting
Powerful multi-timbral audio engine with disk-streaming sample playback, tone-wheel organ simulator and high-end virtual analog, granular and wavetable synthesis
AudioWarp for cutting-edge time-stretching and pitch-shifting
FlexPhraser module drives beats, arpeggios and complex tonal phrases
Outstanding library including over 3,400 synthesized sounds and breathtakingly authentic acoustic instruments
Flexible user interface with multi-monitor support allowing you to customize and save your own windows and screen sets
Wide range of high-end audio effects, including REVerence convolution reverb, VST Amp simulation and many more
Up to 192 kHz, 32 stereo outputs and 6-channel surround support
Cross-platform compatibility: Windows (VST 3, VST 2, AAX) and macOS (VST 3, AU, AAX) plug-in and standalone support

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