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Developer's description:

EdiLoad for Mac is the Sound Editor's Edit List Toolkit that can conform location audio, re-conform a Pro Tools session and export a variety of files to aid the sound post-production process. EdiLoad v2 contains all the features of our original re-conform app 'EdiTrace Auto' and our Pro Tools edit extraction tool 'EdiTrace PT Load'. It also contains a score of features requested by our EdiTrace users over the years.


Conform location audio from an edit list with Pro Tools expand tracks
Re-conform a Pro Tools session for picture changes (requires EdiTrace to create 'Change EDL'. See offer above)
Modify or create custom 'Change EDLs' within Pro Tools to re-conform edit sessions the way you want
Create a Pro Tools track containing clips at every picture cut or scene change point
Export a MIDI file containing markers, SYSEX commands or MIDI notes at every picture or scene change point
Import a Pro Tools session to extract edit data and create an EDL of picture changes
Load any text based EDL (e.g. CMX3600, GVG, SMPTE File 32)
Read 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97NDF and 30NDF FPS timecodes
Append EDL files by track or time
Merge and optimise edit lists specifically for audio conforms and re-conforms
Extract Scene/Slate/Take data from EDL Comments or Clip Names to create new Roll Names
Batch update Roll Names
Offset Source or Destination timecodes
Export selected tracks as a standard CMX3600, File16 or File32 EDL

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Version Change log
EdiLoad for Mac 3.3.1 Aug 12, 2016 Compatibility with PT10 + PT11/12 co-installs
Tweaks to load and match code for ALE files
New streamer durations when exporting MIDI files with a streamer track
Fix to export correct number of MIDI notes when exporting a MIDI file
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