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Disk Drill

Version: 4.7.382 | Size: 84.78 MB | Filename: diskdrill.dmg
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Developer's description:

Disk Drill is the premium data recovery software for Mac OS X. It can recover lost data from virtually any storage device, including iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. The new version of Disk Drill for Mac, ready for macOS 11 Big Sur and data recovery from iOS 14. Disk Drill can restore more than 400 different file types from drives with FAT32, NTFS, HFS+, and APFS file systems. Disk Drill is your all-in-one data management solution with the major focus on top-notch deleted file recovery algorithms. Whatever device you lost your data on, if you can connect it to a Mac, Disk Drill can scan it and has a good chance to recover deleted files. Accidentally deleted files can be easily retrieved with the Quick Scan. In case of a less recent data loss, Disk Drill performs a Deep Scan, a thorough search of the entire drive to reconstruct lost files. Deep Scan is one of the most advanced Disk Drill's recovery algorithms. It works even when hard drives lose their formatting and disk space is marked as unallocated. Disk Drill also does hard drive recovery for RAID arrays, Core Storage and Fusion Drives - all in a minimal user-friendly interface. Moreover, if you install Disk Drill before any data gets lost, you can benefit from its free data protection features. There are two major modules offered by Disk Drill to prevent accidental data loss: Guaranteed Recovery invisibly makes copies of deleted files and folders you put in your Mac's Trash; Recovery Vault keeps records of all metadata for deleted files so that they can quickly be recovered with their original names and locations. Disk Drill is also packed with free disk tools like duplicate file finder, data shredder, disk cleanup and space visualization, boot disk maker, byte-to-byte backups, disk health monitoring, and more!

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84.78 MB

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Mac Other, Mac OS X 10.5, Mac OS X 10.6, Mac OS X 10.7, Mac OS X 10.8, Mac OS X 10.9, Mac OS X 10.10, Mac OS X 10.11, MacOS 10.12, MacOS 10.13, MacOS 10.14, MacOS 10.15, MacOS 11

Last version:
Last versions of Disk Drill
Version Change log
Disk Drill 4.7.382 Aug 3, 2022 * Improved: Multiple internal file signature recognition algorithms within Deep Scan
* Improved: Bad sector detection when scanning system drives on M1/T2 Macs
* Improved: Duplicate Finder module stability and minor internal enhancement
* Improved: Preliminary code preparation for macOS 13 Ventura
* Fixed: Several non-critical crashes in CDeepDoc scanner
Disk Drill 4.4.356 Jun 16, 2021 * New: More flexibility in byte-to-byte backups: select specific disk sectors or indicate the size in MB
* New: S.M.A.R.T. monitoring is now easily accessible through the Extras menu
* New: New simplified two-step Disk Drill installation
* New: MSI files (Windows installer packages) are now supported in Deep Scan
* Improved: Better detection of PSD files in Deep Scan
* Improved: Clean Up detects and displays items stored in other user accounts on a computer
* Improved: More details are now displayed upon recovery completion in case there were errors during the recovery process
* Improved: More hints have been added to the icons and menus throughout the app’s interface
* Improved: A click on the Home button during scan in Clean Up module now evokes a confirmation dialog, where you can decide whether to cancel the scan or not
* Improved: Thumbnail generation progress is back. You can now see that the previews are being generated in a convenient status label
* Improved: A much faster Quick Scan for ExFAT systems that contain a large number of deleted files
* Improved: Better detection of lost NTFS partitions and their files based on the found MFT entries
* Improved: Scan is automatically stopped when a FAT32 disk is disconnected from the computer
* Improved: The FAT32 scan is ten times faster now for files with longer names
* Improved: Optimized and revised Deep Scan for such file formats as JPG, PDF, and DOC
* Improved: Detection of Insta360 One X2 file signatures within Deep Scan
* Improved: Better support for compressed NTFS volumes
* Improved: Deep Scan now recovers video files (MP4) encoded with H.265 XAVC codec
* Improved: Improved detection of false exFAT volumes
* Improved: Improved behavior when scan and recovery run simultaneously
* Fixed: Minor interface enhancements throughout
* Fixed: Disk Drill stability when scanning Time Machine backups
* Fixed: Resolved compatibility issues with previously unsupported versions of osxfuse
* Fixed: A crash while recording a backup image to an unstable disk
* Fixed: A crash that occured if a recovery process was canceled during an ongoing scan
* Fixed: The “Show in Finder” button for the local Time Machine snapshots
* Fixed: A crash on macOS 10.11 and 10.12 that occured when scan was terminated in the Find Duplicates module
* Fixed: A crash that occured at the beginning of scan when the scanned disk was suddenly disconnected
* Fixed: Disk Drill freezing when scanning NTFS partitions with outdated Recovery Vault or Guaranteed Recovery database
* Fixed: A crash on macOS 10.11 if the scan results were displayed as Files and Icons
* Fixed: Random crashes in Hex view when loading saved sessions or repeating a scan
Disk Drill 4.3.316 Apr 27, 2021 * New: Yet another update that improves native scanning and recovery from storage devices encrypted by M1 security chips
* New: Totally new highly enhanced NTFS recovery
* New: Full-blown scanning and recovery from Time Machine on APFS volumes
* New: New storage space indicators when selecting drives in Disk Drill
* New: S.M.A.R.T. disk info is now collected and displayed for SSD devices on M1 Macs (when enabled in Preferences)
* Improved: Updated system extension deployment instructions + new video tutorial
* Improved: More user verifications when canceling Disk Drill’s actions, like ongoing scans or other operations
* Improved: Multiple improvements in Disk Drill Extras: search for duplicates, disk clean up, backup creation, and data extraction from Time Machine
* Improved: Parent disk and partition listing when booting from external drives
* Improved: System information listing and collection of technical parameters for RAID arrays
* Improved: Now disks with bad sectors are marked red in Extra Tools
* Improved: More consistent messaging on disk updates
* Improved: Improved scanning of APFS Fusion Drives
* Improved: NTFS Quick Scan
* Improved: Better disk selection when saving recovery results
* Improved: Improved UI navigation on session auto-saves
* Improved: Sufficient improvements in Disk Drill’s internal logs for data recovery and S.M.A.R.T. status reporting
* Improved: Disk Drill removal impromevents
* Fixed: Disk Drill errors when opening and detaching DMG disk images
* Fixed: Issues when drives changed their attributes while being scanned
* Fixed: Scan error 3072 while reconnecting encrypted drives
* Fixed: System drive scanning error in macOS Catalina on devices with T2 chip
* Fixed: Corrected accidental Disk Drill removal via Clean Up and Data Shredder
* Fixed: Some Clean Up freezes
* Fixed: App activation status verification when processing disks with corrupted MBR sectors
* Fixed: Improper display of scan auto-resume dialog on drive disconnect
* Fixed: Warning messages when disk goes offline
* Fixed: Most extra tools are now blocked in Portable Mode
* Fixed: Disk stability verification procedure before Rebuild HFS+ algorithm
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