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Synk Standard

Version: 7.0.8 | Size: 6.10 MB | Filename: Synk%207.zip
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Developer's description:

Synk is a live file synchronizer, designed to make surprisingly sophisticated sync and backup features accessible to everybody. Join the many dedicated users around the world, from grandmothers to Turing Award winners, from universities to movie studios, and even some higher-ups at a certain technology company we all know and love!

Sync Laptop & Desktop
Keep your data always available and up-to-date no matter which machine you're on. With Synk 7's live sync, it'll even always be ready to go anytime you need to walk away.

Shuttle Between Computers
Sync your home and work computers—even if they're not connected—by syncing them both with an external hard drive serving as a "shuttle" for your data.

Sync Workgroup/Lab Machines
Have a shared set of data or apps that needs to be kept up to date on a bunch of computers? Or need to sync users' documents with a central server? Synk's here to help and makes it fast and easy.

Bootable Backups
Keep a clone of your entire system with Synk. Anytime a failure occurs, you can boot directly from your backup on the external hard drive, even on a different computer, and be back up and running immediately with no downtime. You can restore later whenever it's convenient, instead of having to take care of it right now (usually with a deadline looming).

Back Up to a Hard Disk
Hard disks are the best way to make local backups of your data; they're fast, cheap, reliable, and easy to migrate over the years. Synk is perfect for easily keeping up-to-date backups on an external hard drive.

Back Up to a NAS/Server
Particularly in business settings, you may want to back up some of your data across the network to central storage. Synk works well with many kinds of servers, and even has a custom SynkSharing protocol to make backing up to Mac servers even better.

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Version Change log
Synk Standard 7.0.8 Jun 2, 2011 · Fixed an issue preventing system log directories from being automatically excluded as they should be
· Scans of Preferences folders are now rate-limited and will occur no more often than every several minutes. Immediate scans can always be requested via the action/"gear" menu; we welcome any feedback on how this change works for you.
· Fixed several issues related to archiving of complete directories
· File copies over SynkSharing are now usually compressed
· Fixed an issue that could result in SynkSharing connections getting stuck and being unable to make progress (including reconnecting after being unavailable)
· Fixed several issues with the authorization of new SynkSharing locations
· Updated and added several help files
· The usual variety of general tweaks, improvements, and fixes
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