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Version: 1.1 | Size: 21.85 MB | Filename: RiffBookMac.zip
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Developer's description:

RiffBook is a computer "notebook" for music where you can quickly record audio, video, transcriptions, tablature, and text notes and keep everything together in one organized place. The best part is that RiffBook has powerful searching and browsing features so that you can find your riffs later! Use your computer's built-in microphone to capture audio. Enter transcriptions by dragging and dropping notes onto the staff. Index the riff for later searching by choosing characteristics such as genre, mood, chord progression, and keywords. RiffBook is great for storing and cataloging riffs that you really like, but have no use for yet in a song. Over time, your riff library in RiffBook will grow. Later, during the songwriting process, RiffBook can be used to search for riffs that meet certain criteria such as chord progression or musical genre. The riff library can be browsed in order to generate song ideas. Riffs can be organized into song folders within RiffBook in order to group them and to designate them as being already used. This management of in-process work allows you to keep track of where you are in the songwriting process. With RiffBook, you can also add linked files to riffs or songs. When a file is linked with RiffBook, RiffBook makes an "Open" button that allows you to quickly open the file with the application that created it. This is great for linking files such as Logic Pro recording sessions. With one click, your document opens in Logic Pro. Using linked files in RiffBook, all of your music work can be brought together and organized in one place.

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Version Change log
RiffBook 1.1 Mar 8, 2010 Added an option in the Preferences window to turn the sound effects off

Fixed a problem where wrong row was selected for renaming after adding a new riff if a song is selected on the list

Added better error handling when getting information from a riff

Fixed a condition where text notes were sometimes not being saved when riff slots were reordered

When an audio or video player is played, all other players will now be stopped

Optimizations and small fixes done to the text note display
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