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DataExplorer for Mac OS X download

DataExplorer for Mac OS X

Version: 3.5.0 | Size: 63.10 MB | Filename: DataExplorer-3.5.0_Mac_64.dmg
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Developer's description:

The DataExplorer is free software, please see homepage It is also available at no cost, but without any warranty. Since the implementation is based on Java using the free available libraries RXTXcomm and SWT the execution of this program is possible under a number of popular operating systems like 32/64 Bit GNU/Linux and MS Windows and Mac OS. To execute the only prerequisite is an installed Java runtime with version 1.6 or higher, like IcedTea. The DataExplorer gathers data from connected devices and display this data for a various of further analysis.

Actual the following devices are available as plug-in:
AkkuMasterC4 (Htronic) - 4 outlet battery charger/discharger
Picolario (Renschler) - variometer
UniLog (SM-Modellbau) multi - measurement device
UniLog2 (SM-Modellbau) multi - measurement device
LiPoWatch (SM-Modellbau) - LiPo saver, cell voltage measurement
HoTTAdapter (Graupner) Receiver-, Vario-, GPS-, General-, Electric-Sensor-Module
eStation BC6, BC610, BC8, 902 (Bantam) charger/discharger
Pichler P6 , P60 (Pichler) and other eStation BC6 clones charger/discharger
VC820, VC840 (Conrad/VoltCraft) multimeter
CSV2SerialAdapter, import of configurable CVS data files
DataVario, DataVarioDuo (WStech) variometer, GPS, multi measurement device
LinkVario, LinkVarioDuo (WStech) variometer, GPS, multi measurement device
QC-Copter/QuadroControl (tt-tronix) control unit
GPS-Logger (SM-Modellbau) - GPS, multi measurement device
NMEA-Adapter (diverse) - GPS track analyzer
Ultramat12 (Graupner) charger/discharger
Ultramat16 (Graupner) charger/discharger
Ultramat16S (Graupner) charger/discharger
Ultramat18 (Graupner) charger/discharger
Ultra Duo Plus 40 (Graupner) charger/discharger
Ultra Duo Plus 45 (Graupner) charger/discharger
Ultra Duo Plus 50 (Graupner) charger/discharger
Ultra Duo Plus 60 (Graupner) charger/discharger
Ultra Trio Plus 14 (Graupner) charger/discharger
Ultra Trio Plus 16S (Graupner) charger/discharger
Simulator test plug-in

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63.10 MB

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Mac OS X

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Last versions of DataExplorer for Mac OS X
Version Change log
DataExplorer for Mac OS X 3.5.0 Sep 14, 2021
DataExplorer for Mac OS X 3.4.9 Jun 14, 2021
DataExplorer for Mac OS X 3.4.8 Apr 26, 2021 Generic changes/fixes:
enable record based scale sync property updates (outside device XML)
Device specific changes/fixes:
HoTTAdapter* - fix scale synchronization, formatting, unit and factor to support different GPS data source
HoTTAdapter* - change SM GPS-Logger names from gyro to acceleration
HoTTAdapter* - change GPS time and year to more readable format
HoTTAdapter2 - fix parsing altitude,climb values while EAM is configured as primary
HoTTAdapter2 - fix missing GAM, EAM, ESC parsing while no known GPS is connected
HoTTAdapter2 - enable simple GPS type detection while reading through 19200 Baud protocol
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